Saturday, April 23, 2011

toy stories.

Anyone who has visited my bedroom knows of my latest obsession with collecting little creatures. Ceramic rabbits, china deer, swan soap name it, I've got it - or want it. So, when I clicked through the beautiful links sent in the latest Frankie newsletter, the last one I viewed instantly became my favourite. A photography set on Flickr entitled "Toy Stories" features old fashioned toys with new fashioned graphics - just the thing to make my less than average Tuesday.


Murder Mystery

Horn Hubris

Nobody Likes A Show Off


Teenage Angst

Allow Me To Explain.

Good Samaritan

Honestly, I could post the whole set they make me that happy. But you'll just have to look for yourself (and if you can pick a favourite, buy it as a print here.)

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  1. Hahahhaaa I love this! I had to get Ben to explain the last one though. How embarrassing.


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