Tuesday, December 6, 2011

tuesday, a photo diary.

Sorry to get all up in your grill with my amateur "photography", but today I feel like sharing :) This morning I caught the train to Kiama to visit my camera shy mother and we had lunch and schlepped around the shops for a bit, before going home to decorate the Christmas tree. Lovely.

In other 'please care about my life' business, I found out yesterday that I am allowed to graduate! Hooray! After six years of full time study, you can only imagine how incredibly exciting this news is to me. Recently discovering I was one subject short was a major blow, but as it turns out - I'm not the only one who doesn't understand my outdated degree! Somehow that missing 6cp went totally over the heads of the graduation office as well. So, next Wednesday, the 14th of December, I will officially be graduating with a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology (eBusiness Management). The icing on that cupcake is that I'll be graduating with distinction in BICT! Happy face. Now, I just have to find the perfect dress to go with that stylin' blue gown. In less than a week. HELP!

(Oh: I'm quickly becoming addicted to Instagram! My username is karenclaire_ if you want to see more snapshots x)

Monday, November 28, 2011

diana in london.

I FINALLY got my first Diana Mini roll of film developed. These photos were taken in February (good grief) in London. I have to say, I wasn't very happy with the results. Most of the photos were too dark and very blurry/fuzzy. I have a feeling maybe it has something to do with the focus setting I was using? Does anybody have any Diana Mini tips? I have another roll from Melbourne that I need to get developed as well, hopefully they'll be more impressive. Here are some of the "better" shots:

This last one is my favourite. I'll definitely be using this setting for the next roll instead of the square shot!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

'cause there's no-one in the world like emily.

I'm a little behind on the celebrity action these days, and normally only catch up when I spend hours at the hairdressers entertaining myself with the plethora of glossy magazines on offer. So you'll forgive me for only just discovering that Emily Browning is SUCH a stylin' babe! I feel a bit chuffed now that people kept telling me I looked like her in my brunette version.

Clashing prints, cute collars, and the SOCKS! My personal trainer keeps asking me what my fitness goals are and I feel a bit stupid telling him the truth - "I want to work on my legs so I can get away with socks & heels".

Ignoring Vanessa Hudgens for a second here - how cute are those leopard print tights! I do much prefer her with longer hair and bangs (and blonde!), but I get where she's coming from in terms of her image with the killer pixie cut. The balayage she has below is fun too.

Obviously I don't look that much like her, if I don't have a boyfriend like that ;)

I think I've asked before, but I'll ask it again: what celebrity look-alikes do you get? Depending on my hair colour, I've had Emily, Daisy Lowe, Mischa Barton, Kate Moss, Sia ... basically, anyone with a fringe and high cheekbones (or just chubby cheeks!)

(Photos via Who's Dated Who)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

and i've missed your ginger hair and the way you like to dress.

Girl crush alert! x 2. I think if there was one "look" I could be magically granted with, it would definitely be doll-faced. If these photos by Charlotte Rutherford don't invoke any kind of girlish whimsy in you, then I think you need to see a shrink. Just saying.

Do you think that little dot of eyeliner in the middle of the lower lash line would work in real life? I really like the effect.

Today I had what was supposed to be my last exam ever, but I've only just recently found out that, after six years of full-time uni, I've somehow missed a subject and will not be able to graduate this December. Boo! Oh well, what's another 6 months, right? At least it justifies my desire to have one last student summer, and will hold off on the "so what will you do now" questions for another few months.

My friends and I were supposed to have a picnic lunch in the Botantic Gardens today but the weather turned sour and wet, so that was unfortunate. This is about the fourth time we've planned it and it's not gone ahead! I don't know why the universe is so determined to keep us out of the Gardens, but I refuse to take it as a sign. However, if I disappear from the blog again, be wary that it might not be due to real world commitments, but to a nasty run in with a swarm of killer bees.

Monday, November 14, 2011

yes, we are open.

Open Studio. The colourfully creative reason why it's 2pm and I still haven't started studying.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

suki alice.

Suki Alice. The name alone and I'm in love. She's an English model who dates The Kooks singer Luke Pritchard....could her life be any more amazing? Well yes, she also has a to-die-for blog, with the kind of photos that make you feel like you need to up the cool in your life by about 300%. Swoon.

(Discovered via Lola Jagger)