Wednesday, August 3, 2011

who is pneumonia white?

Who is Pneumonia White? A phrase that, in less than six weeks since her appearance, is on the lips of almost every blogger. She's rich, she's beautiful, she's stylish...and she's troubled, dark and oh so mysterious. 

She's lived in Paris and has no hesitations about staying in NY's Astoria. Her words break your heart but that doesn't mean you stop wanting more, and it certainly doesn't mean you stop wanting to be her. She's etheral, she's a dreamer, she drinks far too much Madeira and smokes too many cigarettes and seldom eats a thing.

A talking teddy bear, a dead brother and a mum and dad who are no longer mum and dad but 'a (sometimes) recovering alcoholic and a corpse.' A rebellious best friend slash lover slash alter ego. A mexican gardener, a strange neighbour who only eats velvet cake and a first love who will also remain the last. Not to mention Granny who bequeathed to our dear Pneumonia White a Bel Air mansion and her lawyer who leaves too many messages and sometimes not enough.

As much as I want to believe her story is truth, I'm more inclined to believe a phrase straight from her blog itself: history is myth. This is just one of the clues that makes me suspect this blogger is just not what she seems. Another is her insistence on using '2' instead of 'to/too' and '4' in place of 'for'. Then there's her inexplicable change in tone every now and again and her somewhat shameless self promotion. 


So what is the deal here? What do you think is the true story of Pneumonia White? A young blogger eager to show off her writing skills, perhaps scoring a book deal in the process? A viral marketing campaign? Or perhaps, what we're all secretly hoping in the back of our minds, just a broken girl involved in a sinister plot supressing the true 'secret Hollywood'? If you still need help deciding, maybe this interview with the mysterious madam herself might help. All I know for sure is that whatever secrets she is yet to reveal, I remain enamoured.

Monday, August 1, 2011

oh, lola

My beloved Chloe perfume has finally run dry, so its time to pick a new scent. I have to admit, I'm a marketers dream, I am so easily swayed by pretty packaging and dreamy advertising. So I think I'm going to have to invest in Marc Jacobs 'Oh, Lola' purely because of Dakota Fannings gorgeous (but controversial)  campaign.

Whats your scent? And what marketing campaigns or gimmicks do you have a weakness for?

* (Again my apologies for the prolonged absence. I've been working 6 days a week and have also been having a lot of mini adventures at the same time. So its been a stressful month but also an extremely happy month (as my previous post indicates!) I've started taking medication for my narcolepsy which is increasing my focus, so hopefully I can start to enjoy blogging again! Bring on August!)