Monday, May 23, 2011

my wizard scar still burns for you.

My sister is the biggest Harry Potter fan I know, and being around her brings out the worst in my own HP "enthusiasm". Today I bought some rhinestone glasses on eBay for a Harry Potter themed party I'm going August. Now all I need is an outrageous green dress and voila! Rita Skeeter! Anyway, I would have kept this  (awkward) information to myself if I hadn't stumbled upon these hilariously dry (but sadly non-existant) books:

 (Amy Sly via Wit + Delight)


  1. haahahah absolutely fantastic! [I study film, I may just be writing an essay on Harry Potter at the moment] :)
    PS. your blog is beautiful!

  2. thank you!! that sounds so much more interesting than an essay on ebusiness solutions!! x

  3. haha I love these! I am the biggest Harry Potter nerd :) x


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