Friday, October 28, 2011


I receive a lot of spam/unwanted e-mail. A lot. It's very unusual, especially as I've discovered a good chunk of it is actually from a reputable source. I wonder how they got my e-mail...slightly concerning. I try to unsubscribe as often as I can, and sometimes I have a look around the website just to wonder how such a seemingly legit company could go so astray. This is how I found out I was somehow subscribed to Cream Magazine. There could be worse spam, especially when you stumble upon a very disconcerting, Halloween appropriate, photo shoot. I love their description of her "pumpkin-hair".


  1. Adore this! Her hair, the cat, the cool.

    A x

  2. I honestly cannot make up my mind if I like these pictures or not... The concept's cool but it freaks me out a little!!

    I've included a link to your blog in one of my posts!

    x Aliya


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