Sunday, May 8, 2011

how do you even pronounce blomqvist?

Dear Sara Blomqvist.

I'm sure you're a nice girl and all, and you make a pretty rad model, but ... I kind of need to steal your boyfriend. Don't make it weird ok?

Wears maroon? Check. Leather jacket? Check. Skinny jeans? Check. Converse? Check. Looks good in a beanie? Check. Tall and lean? Check. Pretty face? Check. Brown hair? Check. Holds hands in public? Check. Isn't pretentious about drinking soft drink? Check. I don't want to upset you Sara but he is pretty much the perfect man and I have a good feeling about us as a couple.

While we're at it Sara, you may as well give me this jacket too:

Thanks in advance,

KP x

PS. If you have a problem with this you may want to speak to Altamira for sharing these photgraphs with me.

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  1. Super cute post! He looks very adorable indeed. I think I would have a hard time making my bf wear maroon. They look cute (I mean terrible) as a couple!

    Fox Whiskers


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