Saturday, May 7, 2011

visual diaries.

I have never seen nor read an issue of Tourist magazine before, but that doesn't mean I can't be in awe of the photography section of their website. Here is a small selection of my favourite images from different albums in their visual diary series.

I really wish there were a blogging manual. I need to read "Chapter 12: How to resist the urge to post every photograph in a series"....and maybe "Chapter 13: How to avoid a panic attack when it feels like the photographs you've selected don't match". (Honestly, it suprises me I've never developed an OCD).

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  1. hehe I always think about this when I am rummaging through the thousands of photos saved on my desktop. I feel OCD at times when I do my inspo posts. Actually, I feel a bit OCD about the flow of my blog in general. I love it when photos just mesh well together.

    But my oh my what beautiful pictures these are ♥ thanks for sharing

    x x x
    I'm Just a Gal


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