Wednesday, June 29, 2011

braid wednesday.

Having this fun new hairstyle makes me wish I could do more to with my hair than just a ponytail or a few uneven twirls wih the GHD. The Flickr pool Braid Wednesday doesn't really help with my general ineptness in the hair department, but the photos are just so pretty that I can't help but imagine how much better my life would be if only I could braid.

braids, of course.


[messy] braid wednesday

braid crown

braid wednesday

messy twisty braid



  1. I love braids! My hair is just a tiny bit too short for milkmaid braids... I can get it there but the rubber-bandy ends are right on top of my head! Hopefully by summer my hair will be long enough to wear up like that.

    My signature hairstyle right now seems to be a messy side-bun, hehe.

  2. braids - have to love them! i am jealous of anyone who can hop out of bed in the morning and "throw their hair" into one of these. ugh, if only!

  3. so pretty, wish i could do this with my hair <3



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