Thursday, June 30, 2011

my head's a balloon.

Everybody has a dream job. Mine is definitely party planning. Case in point: these giant balloons from Geronimo and the photography featuring them sends shivers of excitement down my spine....and where else would they be appropriate, if not a giant, colourful, decadent party...preferably thrown for no reason at all.

(via Oh Joy)

What's your dream job?


  1. my dream job would definitely include party planning :) i became totally addicted after planning my wedding.

  2. oh wow how beautiful! my dream job would be production design! :)

  3. New York/Paris/anywhere in Italy or Spain based food and wine blogger :D

    PS olive trench in your other post is divine! Shame you didn't find one.

  4. Oh my there are just too many delightful things to comment on, but I felt this one is the most delightful! Having a dream job and particulary party planning is amazing. I hope one day you get to live out this dream and plan some of the most equisit parties in all of party planning world- and preferably with these balloons.

    x x x
    I'm Just a Gal

  5. I love those giant balloons! Being a party planner would be a great job!

    I think my dream job is either being an artist or working at a fancy library (like the State Library or a big university library). Maybe I can do both!


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