Thursday, July 21, 2011

love is magical.

I am obsessed with the above print from Etsy store Volume 25. What I would like to know is, what have YOU bought from Etsy? And has it made you deliriously happy? Please share :)


  1. yay, unicorns! love this illustration.

    xx //

  2. i have a new love! this print is so cute.
    A while ago i bought some Bec Winnel prints. I haven't framed them yet but i look at them and think how pretty they are. I have lots of favorite items that i am longing to purchase. One more semester of being a poor student, then i can etsy my heart out.

  3. I love that print! Horses (and unicorns) are just so pretty.

    I haven't bought anything from Etsy for so long. Two things that I love from there are these Eiffel Tower earrings, and these cute stickers. I've got my eye on some gold stacking rings for my next anniversary, maybe like these ones

  4. Karen, these unicorns are so adorable! funny enough... I just signed up to Etsy! It's so upsetting how all the items I've liked so far dont ship to Australia though =( BTW! I keep meaning to respond to your comments especially the one baout the scarf, yet don't quite know how! lols! Do you have twitter???

  5. Naw pretty Unicorns!
    I'm a repeat offender for the Able and Game Esty store, love love love their cards!

    A x

  6. That's a pretty print! I've never bought anything off etsy, actually.

    RE the boots being on sale: I saw the sale and I'm weighing up the pros and cons of buying them as we speak!


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