Monday, July 4, 2011

style stalking.

As much as I enjoy looking through street style blogs, I haven't quite found the one that  consistently evokes the reaction 'WHAT can I copy this?' from me, rather than 'WHAT were they thinking?'

Is that the point of street style blogs? To showcase the eclectic, the unusual, the truly unique? Am I better of sticking to personal fashion blogs? Or is there a magic street style blog out there with everything I've ever wanted, and I just haven't come across it yet? Anyone?

The most relatable I've found so far is member "looks" on ASOS Fashion Finder, which I guess is quite similar to Lookbook. Here are some of my instant favourites:


 Giselle Bermas

the blonde way

Vintage Jumble






As an (obvious) result, I now have a massive wardrobe crush on  the Annies behind AnnieandtheMs - do yourself a favour and check out the rest of their outfits, as well as their blog, Annie and the Mannequins.


  1. Hi Karen, great blog! and thanks for the mention, I'm just the same... As much as I love what's happening on the run way there is something soo much more intriguing about real life!

    Ps. Love the illustrations! I'll be following x

  2. I am quite partial to the Lampshade look…oh, and the rest of her style! Thanks for the new finds…

    A x

  3. the sartorialist has been one of my faves...and a few others like atlantic-pacific and zarnas closet are also really inspiring to me. these looks youve pulled are really gorgeous tho.

  4. Cute blog. Some great fashion ideas to recycle whats in my wardrobe. Thanks! X

    jd + sandy from

  5. this is pure inspiration perfection!

    xx //


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