Tuesday, November 22, 2011

'cause there's no-one in the world like emily.

I'm a little behind on the celebrity action these days, and normally only catch up when I spend hours at the hairdressers entertaining myself with the plethora of glossy magazines on offer. So you'll forgive me for only just discovering that Emily Browning is SUCH a stylin' babe! I feel a bit chuffed now that people kept telling me I looked like her in my brunette version.

Clashing prints, cute collars, and the SOCKS! My personal trainer keeps asking me what my fitness goals are and I feel a bit stupid telling him the truth - "I want to work on my legs so I can get away with socks & heels".

Ignoring Vanessa Hudgens for a second here - how cute are those leopard print tights! I do much prefer her with longer hair and bangs (and blonde!), but I get where she's coming from in terms of her image with the killer pixie cut. The balayage she has below is fun too.

Obviously I don't look that much like her, if I don't have a boyfriend like that ;)

I think I've asked before, but I'll ask it again: what celebrity look-alikes do you get? Depending on my hair colour, I've had Emily, Daisy Lowe, Mischa Barton, Kate Moss, Sia ... basically, anyone with a fringe and high cheekbones (or just chubby cheeks!)

(Photos via Who's Dated Who)


  1. She's stunning! x hivenn p.s enter my $200 shopbop giveaway?

  2. oh my! i'm having a love affair with emily's wardrobe. i totally adore her girly and yet edgy style.

    xx // themerrimari.blogspot.com

  3. this is awesome.


  4. Ohh my you must be stunning in real life! Those are some pretty good comparisons O_O Emily is so cute i fell in love with her in the Series of Unfortunate Events film. She is a doll!

    Oh gosh my work friend compared me to Liv Tyler the other day O_O which is nuts as i am 100% not blessed with her beauteous genes! xx

  5. Emily Browning is such a doll, I like how she works those cute collars! I don't really get any celeb comparisons, haha.

  6. I think she is so adorable! I loved her best as Violet in 'Series of Unfortunate Events'~

    I wish I had a celebrity look-alike! Although B. once said I look like the actress who plays Karen in Californication. I was like... Am I really that tall? Haha.

  7. She looks so gorgeous!! It's such a shame that she is associated with Sunker Punch!



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