Monday, November 28, 2011

diana in london.

I FINALLY got my first Diana Mini roll of film developed. These photos were taken in February (good grief) in London. I have to say, I wasn't very happy with the results. Most of the photos were too dark and very blurry/fuzzy. I have a feeling maybe it has something to do with the focus setting I was using? Does anybody have any Diana Mini tips? I have another roll from Melbourne that I need to get developed as well, hopefully they'll be more impressive. Here are some of the "better" shots:

This last one is my favourite. I'll definitely be using this setting for the next roll instead of the square shot!


  1. ohh you captured the best of london though! Ehe i especially like the tescos sandwich shot! Did you enjoy your time there?

    Awww man i know what you mean about diana pictures though! i just got a bunch developed and half of them are just dark and blurred. It costs a lot to get them done too! what was the setting on the last shot may i ask? xx

  2. Oh Tilly, I wish I could remember! I have a feeling it was me attempting to test out double exposure. The Tescos sandwiches are definitely in the top 5 of things I miss about the UK :)

  3. These photographs are absolutely incredible- thank you for sharing! x

  4. Oh what lovely lovely pictures! you really have a good eye for capturing the essense of a place!

    x aliya


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